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August 20, 2006

Setting up a Drupal work enviornment on my laptop…Part 1

Filed under: drupal, howTo, LAMP, MacOSX, WebDev — Robbie The Geek @ 3:28 pm

A very useful way to setup a web development enviornment is an all-in-one solution that includes a web server, a database, server-side scripting support. I am running MacOSX and needed a solution like this and I have come across a great project called MAMPMAMP Screenshot. I haven’t previously mentioned my enviornment for web design on my laptop but I ahve been happily using this all-in-one testing solution for all my web development. I really like it one click of an icon starts a local webserver so you can have other machines on your network (specfically ones running the dreaded Internet Explorer) test your creations.MAMP Start page After you start MAMP you are faced with the screenshot you see on the right, and then poof your browser of choice will open up a MAMP Start page. This is a great all in one solution for us MacFolks, and it quickly and powerfully gets us setup with a true development enviornment using Apache2, MySQL 5 & PHP 4 or 5. Once you start MAMP your web browser will pop open and you will see the a MAMP start Page like the one I see on the left of this blog post. I will be back soon to take you through the some of the finer details of MAMP, and how to install Drupal into MAMP.


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