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April 15, 2007

New Site Live: HeartyHandshake.Com

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I am very excited to announce that I have a new online home located over at HeartyHandshake.Com. This is a new showcase site for my web design, development and implementation, more over the site is a Drupal 5.1 website with a custom created theme. That design was created for my by my very good friend Christian over at Krona Design, and I feel very lucky to have his creativity at work for my online brand. So a huge thank you goes out to my good friend for all his hard work on my website’s design, and capturing my essence, and the essence of my style of work. For the technical reading this blog I am most proud of The Work section of Hearty Handshake, it is a “view” of a custom content type (created with CCK), I called a website. The output of the content type is very exciting, I created a new template (node-website.tpl.php) file for outputing exactly what I wanted, and loading other nodes through a node reference link. I may write an article on how the view is created if there is interest. Please comment here, use the contact form over on the live site, or drop me an email drupal[@]HeartyHandshake[.]Com




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    Comment by hilarygreene17502 — April 9, 2016 @ 6:35 am

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